Cheesy sentimental fool

Call me a cheesy sentimenteel fool, but I love the soundtrack of the movie The Bodyguard. I love the old school Whitney Houston and that movie from 1992 when Kevin Costner was still cool. I have no idea how often I have seen it throughout my life, but every time that boat explodes, it makes me jump. Just a little because of course I know its gonna happen. I’ve been listening to these songs since I was 12.  And today, 23 years later, I am listening to this album again with a baby in my arms. With the little monster. And I wonder if I have ever listened to this music before with the thought crossing my mind that one day I will be a mother and hear these tunes while holding my baby. And starting from this day I am looking back on all the years right to that very moment 23 years ago when I heard these cheesy songs for the first time. When I was young, still really young and longing so damn hard for everything out there in the world. And I’m trying to think of all that has happened from that moment onwards until this very moment now. It’s ungraspable, no matter how hard I have tried to document it. Everything about this thing called my life.

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