Eggplant Blob

A 3-D ultrasound video made earlier this week in Hong Kong. “The first 48 hours after I found out my girlfriend was pregnant were some of the scariest of my life,” writes the @nytvideo journalist @jkessel. But not because he was worried about becoming a dad. "I cover the Asia region for @nytvideo and I just couldn’t imagine how the two worlds could exist at once.” Since then, “the trepidation has turned into excitement and happiness,” he said. Between documenting the earthquake in Nepal and the ongoing refugee crisis in southeast Asia, @jkessel has been visiting doctors with the woman who is now his wife. “At 20 weeks he kind of looks like an eggplant crossed with the blob,” he said of their future child. “So now we’re trying to think of a name for our eggplant-blob-son, whose name has to make sense in English and Dutch languages while respecting Chinese and Jewish cultures. Suggestions welcome.” We asked our some of our visual journalists to share stories about #fatherhood for #nytweekender. #FathersDay2015

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