Stationary Tricycles

On the day before Spring officially starts, Beijing surprised everyone with a thick layer of snow. The winter of 2012/2013 has been a very long, very cold and very polluted one. After Springfestival everyone was hoping for the weather to warm up, clear up and clean up. Snow was the last thing we wanted and expected towards the end of March. The city, however, shone as if never before. The snow formed a perfect picture with the clean blue skies and the bright rays of sunlight. It was as if Beijing said to all of us to stop our moaning, and that it really ain’t all that bad. On this day I had a delightful stroll down Beiluoguxiang and I suddenly noticed all the tricycles on the sides of the hutong. You see tricycles everywhere in Beijing, but the moments when you most likely notice them is when they pass you with a dangerously high speed, when they are stacked higher than the courtyards, or when grandpa is driving grandma around. I never really noticed the ones that are not in use, left behind in a corner of the street and assigned a different role than being driven around. So here is a photo serie of stationary tricycles. Some are parked temporarily and others most probably for good.¬†They are what they are.